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March 12th, 2013 § 0 comments

Since the last general update, the Coffee Porter has long run out, and the Vegas Gold was serving.  In early February  Marty and I did a double brew weekend, after doing a long back road ride on our bikes in the morning.  So, starting in the late afternoon and into the evening, we brewed Raw Taint Tripel(#16) and Dog Tired Pale Ale (#17).  The Triple is a Cap’n’Cork kit, and the pale ale is a Wild Dog Pale Ale clone I found.

Last weekend, a couple of my brewing friends and myself decided to get together and do a group brew.  One of the gang decided to skip the brewing and just hang out, but the Erick drug his equipment over, and brew we did.
_MG_6549Since I had a short steep, and his was quite long, we decided I’d go first, so that we didn’t end up ending our boils at the same time.  In hindsight, that wasn’t a problem, and with his 50 minute steep and 90 minute boil, I finished far ahead of him with only a 15 minute steep and normal 60 minute boil.


The new sight glass on the brew pot was quit handy, and a good addition to the brew pot.  I’m very happy with how it’s working, and I can’t imagine needing anything else unless I decided to start brewing larger batches.  The only improvement I can see wanting is to replace the valve with a 3 part valve, so I can pull it apart for cleaning

Steve road his bike over from his house, and hung out drinking beer with us.  He ended wanted to stay longer then Danielle, so was a bit sleep deprived, but fortunately Erik and Katie were willing to drop him off at home when they left.  So, after running her first 5K that day, and then trying to stay warm by huddling around our brew pots, she left us to our brewing.
_MG_6586Erick was doing a Cap’n’Cork Double IPA kit, and it looked very yummy.  Will have to snatch a sample of that when he bottles it up.

_MG_6588Erick just got a new burner, and this was his first time brewing with it.  Using a 20PSI regulator and cranking out 185000BTUs, it’s quite the beast.  The burner I’m using is nice, but could stand a bit more horsepower.  Can’t say I didn’t covet his burner a bit, thus the name for our beer brew this weekend.  Burner Envy IPA(#18)


I’ve also been obtaining some igloo coolers and some hardware to convert the coolers into brewing hardware.  I’ve been working toward moving to all grain brewing, and next weekend could perhaps be when we take the leap.


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