filling back up

January 14th, 2013 § 0 comments

As of this morning, I have the keezer full again.  The Always Hopping IPA (#14) was kegged and carbed last week, and was drinkable this weekend.  Turned out very nicely, still one of my favorite beers that I’ve brewed.  The aging is just about finished with the Oatmeal Milk Stout (#12), so I tossed the keg into the keezer this AM to start cold crashing the beer, and will probably start to carb it tonight or tomorrow.That will give us a full 4 taps serving again.

I suspect that the Coffee Porter isn’t going to be lasting for much longer, but the Vegas Gold (#13) should be just about ready to serve soon too.  I’ll probably get that into a keg this week for it’s final aging, and it’ll be ready to cold crash and carb as soon as a spot opens up.  The Fat Tire Snow Ryed (#15) is still bubbling away, but I suspect it’ll be ready for secondary sometime this week.

I still have the Tripple Trouble (CnC) to brew sometime soon, and I’m starting to make some plans for another brew soon.  Better to have some backed up beers in secondary then to have open spots in the keezer again.  Also looking at picking up the hardware to start to be able to do some bottling off the kegged beer.  For sharing and saving.


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