getting another into the queue

September 16th, 2012 § 0 comments

WIth last weekend being a busy one for us, we didn’t get around to moving the batches out of primary, so we took care of that this weekend.  Both batches (#9 and#10) were a bit high on the FG, but I think they’ll turn out well despite.  I still struggle getting a good reading off a hydro, so I think I might invest into a refractometer.  My little bit of experience with them make me realize they’ll be easier to read, with less wort/beer being used also.

The HMIPA ran out already, so we’re getting another batch in the queue today.  Found a recipe for a coffee porter we’re going to be playing with.  Picked up the supplies on Friday, got our errands done for the day, and are going to fire up the batch in a little bit.  Perhaps some posted pictures from there later.

Also got 4 more corny kegs coming, so I’ll have a little bit more room to have some stuff ready and waiting to be tossed in the keezer.

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