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Yup, too busy drinking/brewing, not enough posting.

The HMIPA is in the keezer, and is quite tasty.  It’s defiantly a recipe I’ll try again.  Since then, I also did a 2nd batch of the Black Tornado hop stout for my parents 50th anniversary party. in July, and this past week, my father called me to tell me that the beer have runneth dry.  I also needed to get another batch rolling, so yesterday we did a double brew day.

Started about 10:30 with a batch of Citra Pale Ale from CNC.  It’s a nice pale recipe that uses only citra hops.  My father stopped by about the time we were finished with the steeping, and was putting the pot on the turkey burner to start the boil.  As something new this time, we also got some FermCap-S to prevent boil overs, and I have to say it worked out quite well.  Much less problems with foaming, and less chasing the foam down with a spray bottle of water.

Got that into the fermenter a bit into the afternoon, and grabbed some lunch from Seesburgers.  Wonderful sliders made fresh from fresh beef.  Yum.  My father is interested in starting to brew himself, so he stuck around for our send batch, so he could see a batch from start to finish.  So, after that, we started a 2nd CNC batch, the Godzilla IPA.  This was one of the recipes that cropped up during the hop shortage a few years ago, and uses unconventional hops.  Sorachi Ace, a japanese hop.  An uneventful brew, and we had that one wrapped up ~5PM.  A little more then 6 hours to do both batches, a pretty successful day.

On a coffee note, we just finished up a pound of Columbia from Dead River Coffee in Marquette (picked up while we were up there for the O2S race and vacation), and just brewed the first batch of their house Dead River blend this morning.  Enjoying the first cup right now.

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