H.M. IPA Coming Up.

June 7th, 2012 § 0 comments

Late last week, the Fat Tire from the Double Brew Day ran out, but fortunately, the next batch was just about ready to keg.

The High Maintenance IPA (based on a 60 Minute IPA clone) was finishing it’s dry hopping in the secondary, and tonight, I was able to get it kegged.  It’s setting in the freezer cold crashing, and I hope to be able to have it ready by next weekend, if not earlier in the week.  This weekend, we brewed a batch of Black Tornado, which is also the first beer I ever brewed.  I will be interesting to see if we can taste a difference.  I’m brewing that for my parents 50 anniversary party on July 1st.

The next two weekends are pretty booked, but I might squeeze in a batch during the week soon, if I’m feeling ambitious.   If not, it’ll have to wait till later in the month.  Marty has been suggesting either a porter of sorts, or possibly the Magic Hat #9 clone from the book we just purchased.

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