First Brew on Tap

March 1st, 2012 § 0 comments

Well, all of this work finally resulted in a final product: our own homebrewed beer on tap.

Black Tornado

The beer was actually transfered out of the secondary into the keg in the middle of February, but I had just got the keg chilled and carbonated when we headed up north to the Upper Pennsula for vacation.  We’ve been enjoying the beer since we’ve gotten back, and I have to say I’m impressed with our frist batch.

Pint of Black Tornado

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first tried it.  I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite right.  But, I think the carbonation was still settling in, as the pint I had the next day was much better.  Marty had the same opinion about it’s improvement.  But, then we left for a week, which probably helped the beer age a bit more, because going down pretty smooth now.  One friend has tried it and found it tasty, but I have to have a couple more people sample it before it’s gone, to get a bit more feedback.  I’m happy with drinkable the batch turned out, for being my first attempt, and knowing the various mistakes that were made.  Goes to show that evening with some mistakes, you can still produce a fairly good, drinkable beer.

Inside the Keezer

The keezer itself is pretty much finished.  I still have to get a drink tray, and also stain and hang the board for mounting it.  I also have to put some foam on the inside of the collar.  I removed the old foam when I was mounting the manifold and air lines.  Steve had some dense pink foam left over from his keezer, so he gave me a piece to use.  I just have to take the time to cut and glue it on.

The Taps

The taps look very nice all mounted up.  I’ll probably get some nicer generic handles, but I haven’t bothered to start to look yet.  I’ll know when I find them.

The Keezer

The chalk paint came out quite nice.  I’ve been letting Marty do that, since I’m unable to do anything readable.  She’s been talking about spending some time doing something creative with it.  We’ve also seen some liquid chalk pens that look like they could be very nice to use.

Two Ales and a Cider

Marty’s Autumn Ale is going to be ready for transferring into a keg by this weekend, and we should have it on tap next week.  I also picked up a Two Hearted clone kit at Adventures in Homebrewing last weekend.  We were downtown for a car show, and decided to go check out their store in Taylor, since I also needed a new keg for the Autumn Ale.  We brewed the clone last Sunday, and I want to get another batch into the queue within the next couple of week.  The cider should finally be ready to tap in April too, having been given a solid 6 months to age.

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