Brewing Beer: Cap n Cork Autumn Ale

February 10th, 2012 § 0 comments

ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 24

Description: This amber ale is malty sweet, with a hint of carmel, use Wyeast 2206 to lager it and you have an authentic German Oktoberfest on your hands.


We wanted to brew another batch of beer pretty soon after the first – while everything was still fresh in our minds.  This time, I picked the brew.  I spied this kit once before when browsing at Cap n Cork, so the weekend following our first brew, we bought the kit and brewed!

Autumn Ale

We heated the pot of water to 170 degrees, turned off the heat and added the grains.  The recipe called for a much longer steep than the Black Tornado.  This allowed us plenty of time to watch – fascinated – as the temperature slowly dropped.

Autumn Ale 001

The heat held above 150 for about 40 minutes.  We turned the burner back on for the last few minutes to keep the temperature up.

Autumn Ale 003

I thought the grains for this beer were an amazing color.  And so tasty after the steep – I could almost have eaten them with a spoon.

After rinsing the grains, we moved the works to the driveway and fired up the propane.

Autumn Ale 005 Autumn Ale 006

We brought everything to a boil and then turned off the heat, added extracts and hops and boiled again, for 60 minutes.  Our friend Steve came by to help/keep company/bring lunch.

Autumn Ale 004 Autumn Ale 002

When the boiling was done, we moved into the basement to cool the wort and transfer it to a carboy.  Since our basement is a bit chilly, Nick put an old sweatshirt on the carboy to insulate it a bit.

Autumn Ale 008


It took me so long to get to this post, that we’ve already transferred this beer to the secondary fermentor (the Black Tornado too!).

MG 5228


Black Tornato is getting keg’d this weekend; Autumn will get keg’d sometime around the first of March.

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