More Keezer Project Updates.

February 4th, 2012 § 0 comments

So, I decided to migrate the updates about the keezer project over onto the brews page.

My friend Steve decided to build a collar and add taps to his keezer, and asked if I wanted to see if he could find a good price for a purchase of 8 taps and hardware.  I had been getting ready to buy taps, he wanted the same brand/model that I did (Perlick 525SS) and was willing to the leg work.  I pointed him toward a guy on eBay that had  a whole kit with our preferred model, and it was the best price either of us could find.  He sent a note to the guy, and ended up with an even slightly better price, per unit, on a lot of 8.

I did research about the size of the holes to drill for the shanks, and found 7/8″ to the common answer.  As it ends up, I had to open up the holes to 1″, as the shanks wouldn’t fit.  Not a big deal, and was able to get that taken care of in 10 minutes or so.

Now, I have to wait for the manifold and my gas side connectors to come in the mail next week, and a visit to Cap n Cork to pick up the hoses and final fittings.  At that point, I should have the taps up and running just in time for our first batch of homebrew to be ready to keg and serve.

I still have to get a drip tray ordered and built.  I know which tray I want, and have the solution worked out.  But, that’s not a showstopper, so that can wait till after the taps are working.

Taps installed Back of taps.


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