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April 22nd, 2014 § 0 comments

When we last departed .. more than a year ago .. ShuesBrews had just taken its first All Grain adventure – and then we fell asleep.  Or something.

Actually, we’ve brewed 7 batches since then (5 AG, 2 Extract), acquired some new hardware and taken a few pictures.

The Brews: 

On April 21 we brewed a simple porter.

2013-04-21 16.23.30

This was our second AG brew and our 20th brew overall.

2013-04-21 15.21.07

It was a nice  basic porter.  We called this our Low Maintenance Porter because it had one simple hop addition at 60.  Kind of exactly the opposite of our first AG brew.

Sometime after that, we brewed an All Day (Founders) IPA clone.  I couldn’t find any pictures, nor an actual recorded date, but the temperature was apparently 43*, so I assume it wasn’t long after the porter.  I seem to recall we wanted to do two batches close to each other to try and get more comfortable with the AG process.   Since I have no pictures of the actual brew day, I will let you drool over this:

2013-05-17 14.53.02

(Big Woods Brewing – Nashville, TN)

In August, after drinking some delicious Saisons all summer, we decided to make our own.  We chose a Rye Saison recipe because we (I) love Rye beers.

2013-08-11 13.10.37

This beer was a hit.  We still have a little tiny bit on tap but it won’t last long.

In the fall, we were starting to get our AG legs a little steadier and went for a Black IPA.

2013-09-21 18.19.52

2013-09-21 18.19.46

If I had my way, we’d pretty much always have a Black IPA and/or a Porter on tap.

2013-09-21 18.20.15

2013-09-21 19.49.24

We drained this beer.  Black IPA is the sweet spot between Nick’s favorite beer flavors and mine.  If we were stranded on a desert island …..

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