Brewing Beer: Sherwood Black Tornado Hop Stout

January 23rd, 2012 § 0 comments

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 60

Description: A love child of an IPA and American Stout, this ale balances dark roast flavors and aggressive American dry hops making it go down easy like any sexy Sherwood beer.


Nick was a fan of this beer when he first had it at Sherwood Brewing.  When he was talking to Ray (of Sherwood Brewing) about getting ready to brew his first beer, Ray suggested the Black Tornato kit that was available at Cap n Cork.

Black Tornado 002

Since we already had a keg of Sherwood’s Production Line Red on tap in the keezer, I didn’t care if our first beer was above my IBU tolerance.

Nick had done all of the brewing research, and I was just coming along for the ride, and to help out where needed.


First – we steeped the grains.

Black Tornado 003


Next – we removed the grains sock and placed it in a colander over our main boil pot, and rinsed it with hot water.

Black Tornado 005 Black Tornado 004

Then – we brought it outside to boil.

Black Tornado 010

It was a 75 minute boil.  So there was some of this..

Black Tornado 006


And some of this..

Black Tornado 011 Black Tornado 008

The curiosity was killing my uncle (and next door neighbor), so he stopped by for a bit.

Black Tornado 013

Finally – when the boil was done and all the scheduled hops were added, we (Nick) carried the boil pot to the basement to cool it down and transfer to the fermenter.

Black Tornado 014 Black Tornado 016

Nick has been doing research.  Like Crazy.  And because of that, we had purchased a wort chiller to rapidly cool our wort.

Worth. Every. Penny.

Its been sitting in the primary fermenter for about a week now and looks like its going to be ready for secondary soon, where it will age for 2 weeks.  Since we (Nick) built the keezer before brewing any beer, we’re all set to go right to kegs, rather than bottles.  Win.

MG 5157


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